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THIS SATURDAY - POLY EVENT - Victoria - Vancouver Island Polyamory Group

vanisle_zoeFeb. 13th, 2008 08:01 pm THIS SATURDAY - POLY EVENT - Victoria

Saturday Feb 16th - 6:30 - 10:30 pm - Valentine's Box Social and Musician's Jam
Each person brings "dinner for one" wrapped in a box or other similar
container. The boxes are auctioned off (Poly Bucks provided) and the
winner eats his/her dinner with the maker of the package AND the
winner of the package they themselves prepared.
Entertainment provided by those among us so inclined.
Bring your instruments & there will be Karaoke as well.

Community of Christ Church - basement banquet room
Big blue building, corner of Jutland and Burnside,
across the street from car dealership.
Parking free.
No alcohol on premises.
No smoking inside building.

The dinner for one that you prepare should include dessert and a beverage but silverware is available and there is a full kitchen including a microwave to prepare your delicacies.

Coffee, tea, and some kind of juice will be available.


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